BabyGiraffe: A Must Have Baby Registry Item!

Baby Giraffe Products

BabyGiraffe is a brilliant product that conveniently holds your baby’s bottle, toys, sunshade, and more!  When I first came across the BabyGiraffe, I will admit I thought it would be great to have an extra hand but seemed a bit unnecessary.  Oh, was I ever wrong!  I love my BabyGiraffe!  I wish I had this from the very first day I became a mom.  Since I do not have any children in an infant carrier at this time, I have not used the bottle holder yet.  However, my boys absolutely love the BabyGiraffe sun shade.   We used to have those sun shades that suction to the car window.  They provided little to no shade for my kids and created quite a blind spot for me when driving.  I find those window suction sun shades to be a complete waste of money.  Since the BabyGiraffe securely attaches to almost anything, I was able to attach it to my son’s car seat easily.  The best part about the BabyGiraffe is the flexible spine.  You can easily position the spine of the BabyGiraffe to suite your child’s needs.  My 4-year-old can even adjust the BabyGiraffe as the sun moves during long car rides.  The BabyGiraffe sun shade has made our car rides much more enjoyable.  No more whining about the sun being in their eyes!

I am loving the versatility of the BabyGiraffe.  This is a product that can be used for years!  You can attach the BabyGiraffe to car seats, high chairs, bassinets, strollers, and more. My boys love it and I hope to use it with our infant carrier and more when we have another baby someday.  The Baby Giraffe is definitely on my Must Have Baby Registry list!


Buy It!

Want to give someone a great baby gift or are you simply in need of an excellent sun shade for your kids?  Then I would highly recommend the BabyGiraffe.  The BabyGiraffe would make an excellent baby shower gift for any new parent.  The cute giraffe design even makes it gender neutral!  You can purchase the BabyGiraffe online at the BabyGiraffe website.

I received the BabyGiraffe for review purposes.  All opinions are mine alone and based off of my experience with the product I reviewed.

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  1. S says:

    It looks so creepy though…

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