October’s Pick: The ABC’s of Rock

The ABCs of Rock

Every child needs an ABC book.  If you have ever read to a child, you have most likely spent hours identifying every letter, number, and animal on the page.  A child’s mind is like a sponge, and they are extremely eager to discover the world.  This is one of the very reasons I love children’s books.  You never know when a simple illustration will result in a profound 20 minute discussion with your child!  As fun and challenging as these conversations can be our children are also creatures of habit and often want us to read the same book over and over again.  My son had an obsession for many months with letters and my hubby and I found ourselves reading the same ABC book over and over again for weeks.  I quickly began a search for some unique children’s books on the alphabet.  Since my hubby and I are both fans of rock music, I was thrilled to discover The ABC’s of Rock. I knew I had just found another alphabet book to throw into our story time rotation!

The ABC’s of Rock has one page dedicated to each letter and a rock band beginning with that letter.  This book features a variety of artists ranging from Fleetwood Mac to the White Stripes.  When your children are young, you can simply focus on teaching them the alphabet with this book.  However, when your children grow a little older, you could actually play a song from each band and introduce them to new music.  The inside cover in the front and back of the book has the entire alphabet printed on the pages and my children really love to sing the alphabet while pointing at the letters on this page.  If you are looking for an untraditional alphabet book, The ABC’s of Rock is a great alternative to the classic ABC book.  Each letter is located on a different place on the page and several of the letters are different sizes and fonts.  The font may be linked to the band’s logo and the illustrations almost feel like they could be album covers….simple yet artistic.  The actual size of this hard cover book is rather thin and large making it close to the size of an actual LP.   The ABC’s of Rock is truly a fresh approach to teaching the alphabet.  My hubby and I often find ourselves discussing music after reading this book to our son.  You may find with this book that music time often follows story time!

Buy It!

You can purchase The ABC’s of Rock online at retailers such as Amazon as well as in many stores.  The 77 Kids store in our mall even sells this book!

Tricycle Press provided me with a copy of The ABCs of Rock free of charge.  All opinions are mine alone and based off of my experience with the product I reviewed.

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