Get Baby Soft Skin with BabyGanics Smooth Moves

BabyGanics - Hicksville, NY

BabyGanics makes all-natural products for you, baby, and your home.  As a mom, there is nothing that concerns me more than the health and safety of my family.  I know my fabulous readers feel the same way, so I am excited to tell you about this wonderful company created by two family guys, Kevin and Keith.  These founding fathers admit to being honest-to-goodness clean freaks and their concern for the well-being of their wives, children, and pets resulted in the creation of BabyGanics.  I have been using BabyGanics cleaning products for many years now and now I recently discovered I also love their Smooth Moves product line.  Their sun block won the 2012 Cribsie Award for safest sun block, so I plan on trying BabyGanics sun block next.

BabyGanics Smooth Moves daily lotion is made up of a non-toxic formula that features plant-based ingredients.  You will find NO Parabens, Sulfates, or Phthalates.  When I received my bottle of BabyGanics Smooth Moves lotion, I decided to compare the ingredients with those of a few bottles of baby lotion made by well-respected baby brand names.  I was amazed by how many unwelcome ingredients were in these other bottles of lotion.  Several types of alcohol and parabans just to name a few and they print “natural care” right on the bottle!  We have been using BabyGanics lotion for some time now and it works just as well as those other lotions yet we don’t have to be exposed to all of those unwelcome ingredients!  Smooth Moves daily lotion is available in Cucumber scent or Fragrance free.  We have the Smooth Moves 16 oz. bottle of Cucumber daily lotion.  This lotion is packaged in a bottle with an easy to use pump.  I love being able to access this lotion with only one hand since my other hand is usually busy trying to keep my wiggling little boy in reach.  BabyGanics Smooth Moves lotion is also available in 3oz. tubes which are perfect for keeping in your diaper bag.  If you are looking for SPF in your lotion, BabyGanics also offers a Smooth Moves lotion with 15 SPF.

Smooth Moves™

Buy It!

You can purchase Smooth Moves daily lotion online at BabyGanics. If you are an Amazon shopper you may want check out BabyGanics at  They are offering 20% off select BabyGanics products during the month of October.

I was provided a bottle of the BabyGanics Smooth Moves Cucumber daily lotion for review purposes.  All opinions are mine alone and based off of my experience with the product I reviewed.

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