Pediped: Children’s Shoes for Everyday, Holidays, School, and More!

When shoe shopping for my children, I look for style and comfort.  No matter how cute the shoes are, your kids are not going to wear them if they are not comfortable.  Not to mention you don’t want your growing and some times klutzy children tripping and falling because their shoes don’t fit or feel right! One of my new favorite places to shop for shoes for my boys is Pediped.  Their shoes are designed with function and fit in mind and best of all they are super cute!

The Jones Flex shoes are a great shoe style for my boys because they are slightly sporty but also simply a fun stylish casual shoe.  They look great with jeans, khakis, shorts, and even some of my son’s running pants.  Plaid shirts are big in boys fashion right now and these shoes look great with a lot of my son’s plaid shirts as well.


Pediped Flex shoes are perfect for fast growing children because the Flex System allows you to adjust the fit of Pediped Flex shoes with additional insoles helping them fit longer.  I have bought more shoes than I care to count that were barely worn by my children because they simply grew out of them so quickly.  My boys start wearing their Flex shoes with the extra insoles in their shoes, and once they have a growth spurt, I simply remove the extra insoles to provide them with more room and a better fit.  These shoes are a dream come true for a mom due to the prolonged wear and custom fit.  Select styles of Pediped shoes are even machine washable!

Flex <br> Mercury - Navy, Red, Silver RS1911  Flex <br> Neptune - Charcoal, Electric Pink RS1870  Flex <br> Saturn - Navy, Silver, Yellow RS1917  Flex <br> Neptune - Silver, Purple RS1871

Are you looking for great running shoes for your child or grandchild?  Pediped recently introduced new athletic footwear with Ultra Light Technology.  My oldest son really wants to be fast and loves to run, so these shoes are already on his Christmas wish list!  Go here to check out what Major League Baseball player Tom Glavine has to say about these shoes.  What style shoes are children in need of with cold weather fast approaching?

Buy It!

Flex <br> Blaze - Berry RS1840 Flex <br> Cruz - Black, Red RS1900

You can purchase any variety of Pediped shoes for baby, boys, and girls online at Pediped. While you are there, be sure to sign up to become a Pediped Insider today on to be the first to know about new products and promotions.  Pediped just introduced their new cold weather boot line, so be sure to check those out.  I am excited to explore this new boot line since my baby boy is in desperate need of new boots and I want to get him a pair he can actually walk in!

I received the Pediped Jones Flex shoes for review purposes.  All opinions are mine alone.

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